About Us

We've been grooming dogs for twenty years, and are a member of the National Dog Groomers Association New Zealand, operating out of the Albany Veterinary Hospital.

All Breeds Dog Grooming -  Located at Albany Veterinary Hospital, North Shore Auckland

We have very competitive pricing, and offer flexibility with appointments to work around today's busy lifestyles.  We have a fully fenced yard and dogs can be dropped off from 8am, earlier by arrangement and picked up as late as 6pm. 

Jaz Lonsdale, owner of All Breeds Dog Grooming has been grooming dogs for over 7 years. She has always had a love for animals, having had most pets you can imagine, from horses to rats, cats to turtles and of course dogs, of which she currently has three. 

We also groom cats

It's not just doggies at the parlour, moulting moggies also join us, these cats, although less than impressed by their trip out, usually have pretty laid back personalities.

So if you have a kitty that's starting to get knots that need clipping or combing out this could be a cost effective alternative to taking them to the vets.